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"Pappas familie kommer fra Norge."

Translation:Dad's family comes from Norway.

July 27, 2015



All quite true, which is a big reason I'm taking this course! (My grandmother, who wasn't Norwegian but embraced her husband's culture, encouraged my wife te learn Norwegian as well, which she is also doing through Duolingo.)


Both of my mother's parents came from different ends of the country. What they usually spoke together was Danish though, the dialects of Stavanger and Lærdal are a bit indecipherable in common.

So, by effect I'm half Norwegian, and my kids are half German. Tysk tysk!


So they spoke basically this??? Because the writing systems bokmal is kind of a written Danish with the Norwegian pronunciation and words


My grandfather on my Dads side was from Norway and my grandmother was from england they had kids but then split up not sure why, anyway my friends all have english as a second language so I wanted to learn a language I most accociated with so here I am


Hang on a second: we've covered possessive pronouns, but not nouns. "Pappas" is not a form we've been taught at this point! (I did guess it right, though.)

[edit]: To clarify, I encountered this phrase in the Family skill (I think), but the form "pappas" is not explained until "Ownership", quite a few skills later. I think this is a bug.


Why not? I had confronted with examples representing it in the possessive pronoun's lesson.


Well, the notes for that skill don't mention how to inflect nouns for possession. I didn't get any examples that used it at that point, but that could have been random.


Unfortunately, it's not the only subject not mentioned in the notes! For instance,
Boken til mannen. (= The man's book.) You cannot find this sentence or any explanation regarding it in the notes, but you'll find it in the examples. All these aside, maybe you have not completed all five levels of the lesson devoted to possessives, so you have not seen all of the examples, KANSKJE, just KANSKJE!


Yeah, I guess it's fair that the notes won't necessarily cover every aspect. I do like to complete all 5 levels of a skill before moving on, though. I think pronoun usage (e.g. your example with 'til') is pretty much impossible to cover in the notes actually: that seems to be something that is better shown by example.

I do think, though, that the use of the possessive form of a noun was a curve ball. Enough so that I think it may have been a mistake.


Why "My" father's family?


The "my" if often implied when referring to family members.


This sentence is in the Family tree but possessive nouns have not been covered yet. I think it should be removed from this tree.


"Family" is usually singular, even though it refers to multiple people. The word "group" is the same: "a group is".

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