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  5. "That means a lot."

"That means a lot."

Translation:Det betyr mye.

July 27, 2015



Why is it wrong "Det mener mye"?


I know what you mean, and this is the same thing I was wondering because I was always taught that 'bety' deals more with facts than feelings. I asked a Norwegian teacher from Norway, though, and 'det betyr mye' is the correct form. I was corrected when I used 'mener'.


Why is it not possible to say 'Det betyr mangt?', that sunds more logical to me


Doesn't sound natural at all to my ears.


I don't have a feeling for the language yet, but I was wondering since Det is neuter you would use the neuter form mangt. Is this just an exception, or is there some rule behind this?


Using "mangt" would change the meaning from "That means a lot" to "That means many different things".

"Mangt" is not the neuter form of "mye", but rather related to "mange".


Thank you! That makes it more clear for me!

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