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"Questa medicina porterà via il dolore."

Translation:This medicine will take away the pain.

October 18, 2013



Usually we are able to use the possessive in situations like this. Any reason you can't say "take away your pain" here?

EDIT: Maybe it's because there is no obvious "you" in the sentence that is being spoken to.


Yes but virtually all of the sentences dealing with medicine required an implicit "you" be assumed, and it is completely unclear when this should be used. I believe that, based on the pattern in the past, "your pain" should be accepted. Either that, or the other sentences should not have been translated using "you", or there is some immensely complex system of when "you" is implied and when it is not?


You should be able to say this. But Italian - like English (UK) - carries an implicit pssessive (eg your/my pain). Of cdourse the sentence is ambiguous but nearly all Duo sentences are!


"The pain" is OK. This could be said to a care-giver where the pain is being felt by a another person. The context makes it clear whose pain it is. "the pain" is not "your pain".


É possibile di dice, "…prenderà via il dolore?"

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