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New type of question

I was thinking a while ago about the "question" where Duolingo gives you a sentence in the foreign language and you have to repeat it (so long as your microphone is turned on). So then I had this idea... What if there was a type of question that did the exact same thing, except that the sentence given to you was in your native language and you had to translate it aloud?

Of course, in order that you are sure that you have the right translation and don't get caught on the same sentence for half an hour, perhaps duolingo could display what it thought you said on the screen, and if that was what you said and it was correct, you would get the question right. If it was wrong, it would give you the correct translation and you lose a heart. If it was not what you said, you would have to say it again. Or... you could press the "I don't want to use a microphone" button and just advance, never to see that type of question again.

One last thing is that this probably shouldn't appear until later in the lesson, after the sentence has already been introduced to you in a different form.

I would love for this to be implemented, because it makes you translate and say words that aren't typed in front of you. Any thoughts or suggestions?

December 30, 2012

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I think it would be good to have an intermediary stage. That is,

1stthe user speaks the translation.

2nd duolingo analyses the sound is analysed and presented in written form the user,

3rd the user can edit the written translation.

4th the user submits the translation.

5th duolingo evaluates the submitted translation as usual.

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