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  5. "Bildene henger på veggen."

"Bildene henger veggen."

Translation:The pictures are hanging on the wall.

July 27, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Question! Even though "i" is said to translate as "in, on, around", is it more correct to use "på" when you mean "on"?


    It depends on context. Here, only "på" makes sense. Prepositions rarely translate 1:1 between any two languages.

    [deactivated user]

      thank you!


      It would be nice if the wrong answer boxes did not cover up my answer. I like to see where I went wrong!


      On my mobile, I can slide the answer box up and down. Can you?

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      Mine used to slide up and down, but they don't anymore. I've reported it, but it apparently happens only on select versions.


      I do not understand why "The pictures hang on the wall" is marked as "You used the wrong word." I mean, they always hang there, and are not hanging there just now.

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      "The pictures hang on the wall," is one of the accepted translations. If you encounter something like this again, be sure to report it.


      Why the picture is "bildet" , and the pictures is "bildene" instead of "bilda" completely nonsense for me...

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      "Bilda henger på veggen," is one of the accepted translations.


      I believe that both:

      bildet and bilda = the picture


      bildene = the pictures.


      "Bilde" is a neuter noun, so
      "bilda" = "the pictures"
      in the same way that
      "barna" = "the children"


      Ahhh, thanks for correcting me! Do you happen to know which one is more commonly used in everyday Norwegian?


      According to what I've learned, "bildene" is more common than "bilda".


      Why is "at the wall" wrong ?

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      At the wall means "a location near or next to" a particular wall, e.g., "The family was at the wall when they were arrested."

      On the wall means "in direct contact" with the surface of it, e.g., A spider walks on the wall. Pictures hang on the wall. The graffiti artist is painting on the wall. He was leaning on the wall, waiting for his friends.

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