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Changing time zone, lost streak

I changed time zone with my Android app. Duolingo recognized the new time zone, but then calculated the past days according to this new time zone which made me lose my 170 day streak. It's difficult to track down what exactly happened, since I don't exactly remember when I did the exercises. But I got the strong feeling that there is a bug buried here somewhere.

July 28, 2015



Yes there is a bug! I had a 231 day streak which included 3 weeks in Europe and a stint on the West Coast (I am East Coast time zone) then it reset. 3 days later it again reset! Very frustrating.


It would be nice to choose my own "midnight". I'm up late so I have to remember to do duo before the end of my day. It's no fun to lose a streak when my day isn't over yet.


So Android app changes the time zone? What am I supposed to do if I don't have android phone?

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