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Siyah ve Kara?

What is the difference again between those colors?.

July 28, 2015



As I understand it, "kara" is the native Turkish word but "siyah" is used nowadays (and "kara", when it is used, is more like "dark").

Similarly with "beyaz" (loanword, common) versus "ak" (native word, more rare), or "kırmızı" (loanword, common) versus "al" (native word, more rare).


exactly. And although those words are synonyms, the usage of "native" words is quite limited. I would say they are more commonly used for things about nature, e.g. plants, animals, body parts etc and when we make them stronger (not taught in this course, but for example KAPKARA (very very black/dark), APAK (very very white/clean)). It is really weird to use ak/kara/al for clothes/furniture etc. But it is fine to say kara kedi/kaş/saç/göz, al dudak/elma/yanak, ak saç etc.


Siyah ile kara eş anlamlıdır.Ama karanın bir anlamı daha var.Kara,hava,deniz gibi, site bunu böyle algılayıp yanlış kabul etmiş olabilir.


ben turk biraz konusmak ozur dilerim bir sey anlamdim :D


I think she said:

"Siyah" and "kara" have very similar meanings. But "kara" has another meaning as well. As in "Kara, hava, deniz" (land, air, and sea). Maybe that's why the site is set up to recognise "kara" and consider it incorrect.


Teşekkürler(çevirdiğiniz için;)


Tamamen anlamadım ama en önemli şeyleri anladığımı umarım :)


Arasındaki farkı anlata bildiysem gerisi pekte önemli değil;)


I am just try to understand your and -Dead- turkish

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