"She built her house from wood."

Translation:Ŝi konstruis sian domon el ligno.

July 28, 2015

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Ŝia fratino konstruis sian domon el pajlo


Ŝia fratino …


Ni konstruis cxi tiun urbon sur Rock and Roll


Kredu aŭ ne, tiu estas Rokenrolo!


Please explain the difference between "el" "de" and "ol".


I'll try to give the short lecture. I'd really need to build this into a table for you, but I'm not sure exactly how. So tersely:

De has the meaning(s) of "of, from, by." If you have a good dictionary (I suggest Montague Butler's fine tome, "Esperanto-English dictionary," you will find how this breaks down into logical classes.

El has the meaning(s) of: "out of, from, of (in this sense)". Again a good dictionary can break it down logically so you aren't saying but those last two have some similar meanings. Prepositions can be funny that way.

Ol is a conjunction and has the meaning of "Than." It is very different from the other two.

I'd like to say more, but I'm having computer trouble and trying to build a table showing the relations between el and de is currently not going to happen.

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