Streak Freeze

I was on a 60 day streak when I had a wretched day at work & purchased a Streak Freeze with my lingots so I could skip a Single day & when I came back the very next morning my Streak was gone! What happened? This is EXTREMELY upsetting to me as I was so damn proud of my streak! That may well be the Last time I try something new here if it's gonna mess up my flow, I woulda just sucked it up and done the lesson had I known the Streak Freeze wasn't actually going to work...

October 18, 2013


Hey KeyneKitten! I totally understand your frustration here. I am taking a closer look on our side to see what happened. I will make sure we sort this out.

Thank You! I was so upset this morning when I found my streak gone, I apologize for the crankiness of my earlier writings. Thank you guys so much for checking into it!

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