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  5. "Hun arbeider på en fabrikk."

"Hun arbeider en fabrikk."

Translation:She works in a factory.

July 28, 2015



Why "på en fabrikk" but "i en bank"?


Yes, I would like to know/understand this also. Why "i en bank" but "på en fabrikk"?


Would love to get some input on this, too. "arbeider i havna", but "på en fabrikk". In another course there was the sentence "selger iskrem i butikken". Ok, but if you sit "på kaféen" it means you are doing something there, like eating or drinking, instead of just sitting there... This is very confusing.


I noticed on 'fabrikk' duo gives an 'ee' sound to the 'i', like a long vowel Am wrong in saying that proceeding a double consonant should give it a short vowel sound such as the sound in English of the letter 'i'?

(Seems pedantic I know but I'm trying to learn grammar and pronounciation too!)


I notice we are not using "jobber" anymore..... Pourquoi??!!


'jobber' and 'arbeider' are interchangeable, 'jobber' is the most common of the two.

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