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  5. "Jetzt bist du dran."

"Jetzt bist du dran."

Translation:Now it is your turn.

December 30, 2012



I find it nice that some hints take up the whole expression, not just the individual words. Thumbs up, team!


they should have made the sentence longer!


This is yet another new difficult thing in German. "dran" is not a noun and therefore this phrase is really confusing. "du bist dran" sounds like "du bist krank". I want to say that if it is your turn then in German it is considered as some kind of state that you are staying in until it is not your turn any more.

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I think of it like the (colloquial) "you're up," which at least around here is quite a common way to communicate this idea.


I wrote "Now your turn", which I think is correct. But it was marked wrong. What do you think?


"Now your turn" is not a complete sentence, which the German sentence is.


nice how duolingo gifts you this one in the hints :P but is there a more literal translation in there?


"It's" is a correct contraction for "It is" in English. However, Duo told me I had a typo when I chose the options (from the little circles to touch) that made "It's" part of the answer.

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