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  5. "Брюнет чи блондин?"

"Брюнет чи блондин?"

Translation:A brunette or a blonde?

July 28, 2015



Blonde and brunette refer to women, blond and brunet to men.


Whoa! Suddenly I'm learning my own language! Hahaha


What's the source on this? I can't find a dictionary that says this. I only see the spellings you mention as variant spellings.


A brunette is a girl/woman. And blond has always been for a man. Blonde for a woman. It's nothing new.


Yes, блондин implies a man, so it should be blond.

A blonde would be блондинка


blond is a correct alternative spelling. It has been reported.


Same with brunet.


The contributors to this program need to brush up their English.


? blond instead of blonde may be a more consistent American spelling of the term, but it is by no means universal, and is rarely spelt this way outside of the United States - exceptions include schools in other countries which offer an American curricula. Conversely brunette is far more common than brunet in most literary sources, both American and International - I picked up an American copy of Glamour just the other day and saw no less than 17 references to Brunette.


Blonde with an e refers to females, whereas without an e refers to males, of that colour hair.


In all the other languages on Duolingo that I have studied these issues were easily handled by allowing for alternative spellings. It is as simple as that.


Keep calm and report. Your comments will not speed it up. But now you have cluttered the comment section, and after fixing the error you've been complaining about, this thread is going to stay up, and the new meaningful questions are going to be all the way down there.

I am sorry that the contributors have not been checking the reports for 3 years. We have better tools now.

We are only four. Some of us are new, like me, and have to clean up this mess.


In Canada, we use blonde & brunette for both male & female. I guess it depends on where the speaker comes from....


Because brunette and blonde spelling comes from French!


I don't think these spellings are common in the U.S. either. I reported it as an error but I suppose it technically isn't. However I've never seen "brunet".


Brunette is a feminine word in French. Applying "-ette" to man is feminizing. We normally just say "brown-haired" when referring to a male and "brunette" for a female


Yes, that is apparently technically true. The discussion here is that it's nearly unknown among native English speakers- neither in the US nor the UK is it commonly used.


We're translating into English, so the French grammatical pattern isn't relevant here. American English always uses "brunette" and "blonde" regardless of gender.


I've seen blond, but never brunet=)


I've never heard of a man being referred to as a brunette. Brunette is explicitly a girl. And the E is dropped when writing a man's hair color blond.


Blonde is used for both male and female


Maybe it has reduced that way to common usage, but the proper usage is blond=male and blonde=female. Brunet is also proper for a man, but most people don't use it because it sounds feminine. The Ukrainian authors of this course are familiar with the proper English, as shown by this exercise.


While that is what I write myself, I would not say it is "proper." English has no language authority on the model of the Academie Francaise, nor even a state-sanctioned dictionary. One might adopt a particular style guide, but there is nothing that makes one more "proper" than another. This is particularly true if you are trying to make a statement about English as a whole, since it is spoken natively around the world in a bewildering variety of dialects.


Well at least blond and blonde sound identical. It's only a written difference. But it sounds wrong to refer to a man as a "brunette," the French word for "dark-haired female." The French "brunet" is pronounced differently. The "t" is silent. But in English I guess "brunette" and "brunet" would sound the same?


I pronounce them the same, though I don't know whether others do. English and Americans seem to pronounce different words in French ways and in anglicized ways.


By whom? I certainly would not claim knowledge of English usage in every region and group it is spoken. Would you?


For some answers it is blond for others it is blonde. You never know which it is. A recipe for neurosis !!


A guy is blond. A girl is blonde.


Wow! Brunette is a dark-haired woman! Blonde is also a woman, while a blond is a man. A dark-haired man is just that (brunet can be found only in a dictionary, not in real life).

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