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"Kona mi kjøper melk i butikken før hun kommer hjem."

Translation:My wife buys milk in the shop before she comes home.

July 28, 2015



To everyone who passes this sentence: I'm so glad I can understand/read this!


Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting it as well as I should be by this point. Getting questions like this right is always quite reassuring! :)


Same feeling here! I just need everyone speaking Norwegian to do so with a comic book speech bubble above their head!


Same for me! I've been watching some NRK videos on youtube (not to understand them, but just to get used to hearing spoken Norwegian) and I can't distinguish a single word :-/ I'm hoping that as I keep listening and learning it will get easier.

Getting this question right did make me feel like I'm making progress though.


Why are you watching NRK on youtube? You can go visit their website. Just install Modify Headers for chrome or firefox and enter X-Forwarded-For in required fields so the website thinks you are visiting from Norway. You can watch anything you want. I personally got used to the language long before i started duolingo course. Such a thing is possible, i quite easily distinguish most of the words i just do not understand most of what they are saying :)


thank you :) I didn't know I could do that.


I am missing watching friends and two and a half men with norsk subtitles


I had the same feeling. Quite proud of myself now :-)


It's insane that I actually understand this sentence


In the USA people say "at the store", not "in the shop".


In the UK people don't say 'store' (except 'department store' for some reason). We buy stuff in (or at) the shop(s). Also, oddly perhaps, we'd often say "I'm going to the shops" even if we're only planning to visit one shop (eg, "I'm going to the shops to get some milk." So "going to the shops" is a synonym for "going shopping").


Is it possible to say "before coming home" in Norwegian as well?


This is slang . Mine kone kjøper.. is perfect.

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