"Ele é o representante dos trabalhadores."

Translation:He is the representative of the workers.

October 18, 2013

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It wouldn't let me report this as an error so commenting here, but I gave one correct variation of the answer as "He is the workers' representative" which is the correct plural possessive use of the apostrophe after "workers," but it corrected me to say the answer should be "He is the workers representative." This is wrong. In English there should always be an apostrophe for possessive at the end of plurals.


In the boxes to choose from, the one for "workers" is missing the apostrophe. I found no way to report this.


The Duolingo program has a problem with the apostrophe for plural possessives in English. Here it shows up on the discussion page, but not on the lesson page.


I typed 'He is the representative of the employees'. Hoovering over trabalhadores showed 'workers' and 'employees' as possible translations. So why is it wrong?


that shouldn't be, but employees is usually translated as empregados. Maybe this is the reason...


As of 8.10.2020, "he is the representative of workers" marked as wrong. Haha!

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