The word "pizza"

The word "pizza" first appeared in Italy in 1132 A.D.

It should have arrived at 1131 so they got it for free.

July 28, 2015


it was cold so they had to heat it up again

July 29, 2015

On the subject of the Italian double Z (ZZ) instance, is it always pronounced like a T? I was told as much but I have never heard jacuzzi pronounced as such. .

July 29, 2015

Italian 'z' is not pronounced like the English 'z'.
It's pronounced as /ts/. As in pizza (pits-sa). You'll only hear it pronounced as English 'z' when they're pronouncing foreign (non-italian) words.

Italian 's', on the other hand, can make either an English 's' sound or an English 'z' sound.

This is how the word Jacuzzi is pronounced in Italian

If you find that pronunciation surprising you should read about the history of the letter 'j'.

July 29, 2015

I suggest you always check the dictionary although there are regional variations. I briefly mention it in one of my videos

July 30, 2015
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Grazie mille!

July 15, 2017

In Italian the letter Z is always pronounced Z. The difference between one (Z) and double (ZZ) is only the sound. One (Z) has softer sound than double (ZZ). Ex. Zio, Azione, Mozione, have soft sound. Azzurro, Ragazzo, Ragazza, have hard sound. (no T sound).

July 29, 2015

I totally retract my question.

July 31, 2015
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