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"Excellent writing, perfect text"

Translation:Excelente redação, texto perfeito

October 18, 2013



I never understand why some adjectives are placed before the noun and some are placed after


I'm native and i believe all adjectives can be placed after, some can also be placed before for emphasis purposes, very limited amount i should add. You should be happy to the fact that you can place all after the noun in Portuguese. French is actually as you described, some just cannot be placed after


Well, they will not accept "Redação exelente, texto perfeto" when translating for the English as above. I cannot find any reference to exelente being an adjective that comes before the noun.


they should have accepted yours too.....both work.


They probably didn't accept it because of the spelling of the adjectives


None of the hovers for "writing" is shown in the word bank. Certainly not excellent. Reported.


I came up with the right answer but I looked at the hints and so I changed, therefore I was wrong. Don't pay attention to the hints!


the dictionary hints on hover are still wrong.


Why not" Escrita excelente, texto perfeito."


I generally avoid reading or writing these discussions as they seem to offer less utility than just doing the drills daily. However, for auld(sic) times sake I thought I'd look at this one. There is (or was) in some other discussion of "text" numerous comments by English speakers about the use of this English word. However, I don't see that here. So just for the record. The word text, as used in the sentence above, is perfectly appropriate, however, I cannot imagine a native English speaker actually using it in this sentence.


why not perfeito texto? it seems an emphasis.


"Perfeito" comes after nouns.

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