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Deleting 'Learning English'

I accidentally started learning English by mistake when it is already my native language. Now on the app it says I am 'Learning English and 2 others' which I don't want because obviously it is not an accurate description of what I am learning and a bit annoying. So I looked around both the website and the app but there does not seem to be a way to completely delete English or I could not find it, only a way to delete my progress and the erase language button was not able to be clicked. If I am missing something, please could you tell me how to completely delete English from the languages I am learning?

Thanks for your help

October 18, 2013



Go into your settings here: http://www.duolingo.com/settings/account and click on 'reset of remove languages'. You'll be able to delete English from there.


It seems that ekilgour already tried it, but that the button wasn't clickable.


I agree with jrikhal, I also tried, and it is not possible to click the remove button for english.


Oh, I just realized, if you activated the "learning" english, it was from the interface in another language (French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese), so probably you should go back under this interface and try to delete it. But maybe since it's (for the moment) the only one that you can learn, then you can't delete it...


My thoughts exactly! Indeed, I went into the correct settings, and there was only one language to delete, english, and the button was not possible to click (well to be honest I didn't try to click since I do not want to delete my english tree, but the button was not active).


Thanks for all your replies. I also found this button and it wasn't active. I think it's because like they said it's under a different interface and so if you delete it the system maybe thinks you're not learning any language so it doesn't allow this.

I also tried starting English from Spanish and it still comes under the same heading 'English' - there is not a different heading. I guess when more languages come out I could try starting something like French > German if it is available and then delete English. that way I would still only be learning two languages (French and German) but I'm not sure what would happen. Would that German combine with my other German tree but with the interface in French? Would that work?



I believe they will be independent trees.


The trees will be independent, but the points and level for the two german trees will be common, same as if you try now to learn english from french and spanish at the same time.

PS. I like a lot this downvoting spree in this thread: a few minutes after posting my previous comments I saw that the thread was victimized by the downvoting troll, and every comment, including the OP and the one from kristine was at -1.


@jrikhal @mptmpt Thank you very much this helps a lot!


[answer to mptmpt's comment beginning by "The trees will be independent, but the points[...]"]

Oh, I didn't know that points and level were common (but was hoping it was or will be :)).

So one of the (what I thought to be a) problems to implement the (wanted be me/suggested) fact that, in discussion, the little flags next to our name show all the flag/level from all the interface, in fact doesn't exist... ;)

And in fact it would be great that the "Language levels" whown on profile page also show "all the language" learned from any interface not only the one learned under the interface we are currently connected under.

Do you know how it works?
Do you have skill points' count for each but the level correspond to the sum (so you could have 1 point in English fro German and 10,000 in English from French but be marked Level 17 in both interface)? Or the count of skill points how the same amount in each interface?
It means that you can be still at Basic 1 in one but being Level 25?


[@jrikhal oh I didn't know...]

I'll try an experiment...

EDIT: I checked. I did one lesson of English in French then switched to Spanish to English. The skill points are carried over (which suggests levels are too) but you have to do lessons again. To get to level 2 you need 60 points I think. So you could get 20 points in one interface and 40 points in the other and you would advance to level 2. So I guess that means you could be at level 25 and on Basics 1 (but you could do that anyway if you already spoke the language and did tons of immersion).

I also think it would be great if all the languages you are learning showed up in the same interface.

Thanks for all your help :)

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