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  5. "The third hat is mine."

"The third hat is mine."

Translation:Üçüncü şapka benim.

July 28, 2015



Hello there, I've translated the sentence in this form which reported as a wrong sentence and I wondered somehow: "Üçüncü şapka benimdir."

and would like to ask also about a form I yet did not study about; it was suggested as an optional translate: "Üçüncü şapka benimki."

Well I usually use this suffix -ki during my day at work in many sentences and it goes out unwittingly...I'd love to have a clearer image about it. Thanks in advance


Well,the word "mine" means both "benim" and "benimki" in turkish,so we can translate that sentence into turkish as "üçüncü sapka benim" or "üçüncü sapka benimki",but benim and benimki mean different things in turkish,so that sentence can have two meanings in tr (the situation in which it is said is important). If you say "üçüncü sapka benim" it simply means "the third hat belongs to me" but if you say "üçüncü sapka benimki" then this means "the third hat is the hat which I have" ,which sounds like "there are different hats belonging to different people,but mine is the third one" I hope I didnt confuse u. (by the way,"üçüncü sapka benim" and "üçüncü şapka benimdir" are almost the same,I think both are correct) **edit : to mean "have", u cant use "benimki" before a noun ,u must use "benim" - "benim şapkam"


Perfectly explained Mr. Evren. I really appreciate tnx and here's a lingot ;)

Well so now I'm waiting the administration's either edit or maybe explanation of why it was checked as a wrong translation for "benimdir"


It's the hat. Then why isn't it şapkayı ?


"üçüncü şapka" is the subject of this sentence. Cases are for objects


Of course! I missed that in my eager to maintain my streak before midnight :-)


Hehe, know that feeling!


Why not "Üçüncü şapka bende" ?


"bende" indicates location, not possession. "üçüncü şapka bende" would be "I have the third hat" or "The third hat is with me"


I thought it took the accusative after an ordinal number always, so it's only if it's the object of the sentence it takes it?


“Birinci sıra çok kalabalık” Subject (The first row is very crowded) “Birinci sırayı sevmiyorum” Object ( I don’t like the first row) OR “Üçüncü adam yaşlı” ( The third man is old) “Üçüncü adamı tanıyorum” (I know the third man.)


Why do we not use "şapkam" here?


“Şapkam” means “my hat”


Why it isn't şapkası?

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