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  5. "Russiske bøker er lange."

"Russiske bøker er lange."

Translation:Russian books are long.

July 28, 2015



Men så så gode


Not all of them. Check out "A hero of our time", "Notes from the underground" or "Omon Ra". Of course, all of them are thoroughly depressing.


also the obligatory Krig og Fred, as well as The Idiot, Dead Souls, The Gambler and more :DD


If it's "War and Peace", yes I agree. Too long.


I'm just gonna say it since no one else will xP Lolita. Okay, it was creepy and really dark, pretty nasty etc., but it was also -extremely- well-written and somehow engrossing. It was fairly short though so it doesn't really apply here. But if you can stomach it, I suggest you read the book ^^ Anyway, I swear this sentence must be referring to The Brothers Karamazov lol Or pretty much anything written by Dostoyevsky. Er det ikke?


Nabokov wrote it in English, though.


Yeah, you're right about that. And the book was originally published in France =S I can appreciate your view on the matter, but Lolita -- as well as most, if not all, of Nabokov's work -- will still -usually- found under Russian literature. Consider this: Hemingway wrote The Sun Also Rises in Spain, the book was about Spain and even though it was written in English, Spanish translation copies were made available nearly as soon as the English version dropped, but it's still unanimously considered American lit. It all comes down to the author's country of origin, at least as far as library cataloguing goes anyway o.O


This really should be 'Russiske bøker are for lange.' :p


Try reading them in Russian, they are even longer this way.


duolingo doesnt like russia it seems


Who says we don't like long books?


Hva med Ivan Iljitsj' død eller Pusjkins kortromaner?

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