"Caitheann an peileadóir an liathróid agus cailleann an liathróid."

Translation:The footballer throws the ball and he loses the ball.

July 28, 2015



Bainisteoir: 'What did I tell you about short passing?!'

July 28, 2015


"the soccer player throws the ball and he loses the ball" is this not correct? Soccer and football are interchangeable, are they not?

June 26, 2016

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No, soccer and football are not interchangeable in many parts of the world - particularly in countries like Ireland, Australia and the US where the word "football" is usually associated with a game that isn't soccer.

The Irish for "soccer" is "sacar". The Irish for "soccer player" is "imreoir sacair".

If you live in a place where the term "football" is used by default for "soccer" (rather than Gaelic football, or American football), then you wouldn't call a footballer a soccer player, you'd call him a footballer. So even if the "peileadóir" is playing soccer, it still means "footballer", rather than a "soccer player".

November 5, 2017
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