I have completed the first level of basic 1 in German 5 times now, and it keeps saying I havent completed it and it says I earned 14 xp, but my xp bar never rises towards 60, it keeps saying 0 xp. And it's not letting me play the second one.

October 18, 2013


Hi! Where are you using Duolingo (iOS, Android or site). We just tested on the site and were able to get you through Basics. Some more info would be helpful!

Thanks, I see you moved me through the basics, but the issue was that I was completing lesson 1 on basics 1 and it wasn't letting me move on to level 2, of basics 1, it would say completed, you've earned 15 xp for today, but my meter wouldn't go up, and when id back out it would put a check mark over level one of basic one, and slide me over to level 2 but it would say locked, and if I backed all the way out and went back in it would say that I haven't completed level one yet, even though I just did it lol. Thanks again for the help, now I just need to go back and do the other 4 levels of that basic on since you've given me access to them now. Lol

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