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"Fuair na póilíní roinnt fola ar an dtalamh."

Translation:The police found some blood on the ground.

July 28, 2015



"Ar an dtalamh" nó "Ar an talamh". ???


Ní deirtear dtalamh ach sa Mhumhain.


Should it not be "ar an talamh". ?


As mpbell pointed out above, it's ar an dtalamh in Munster Irish, ar an talamh everywhere else.


Is 'fola' the genitive here? And if so, is that caused by following 'roinnt?' I have the nominative form of blood as 'fuil'.


Yes, fola is the genitive of fuil.

Words such as cuid and roinnt cause the following word to be in the genitive - roinnt airgid, roinnt ama etc.


Thanks, I guess I knew that. 'Fola' came up before 'fuil' in the exercise and I second-guessed myself. Makes sense though.


Is there a grammatical reason why fuair can't be "got" in this sentence?


I would interpret "The police got some blood on the ground" to mean they dropped or spilled it, which faigh can't be used to convey.


It could be “got” in the sense of “obtained”, which would be a valid translation of fuair.


Using that "got" in that manner still sounds really weird to me, unless it means the police were on the ground. Either way, without context, I'd say accept it, but the one I mentioned is the unmarked form to me.


I’d take the “obtained” sense in this sentence as meaning that the ground was where the blood (i.e. evidence in some case) was located. I agree that without context, the “brought about” meaning (via dropping, spilling, etc.) would be the usual English reading.


Bhí na póilíní ar an dtalamh agus fuair siad roinnt fola.

Probably not what they meant, hence the question about grammatical accuracy.


Is there a way that this sentence could be written with the "Tháinig...ar..." construction for "Found"? Otherwise, it seems like a counter-intuitive interpretation of "got." (I.e. "The police found blood..." and "The police got/obtained blood..." have two different meanings in English.)

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