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"Turistene nordlyset i Norge."

Translation:The tourists saw the northern lights in Norway.

July 28, 2015



Is "nordlyset" not the same as "the northern light", but rather always a fixed plural, "the northern lights"? Wouldn't this be "nordlysene"?


You can say 'nordlysa' or 'nordlysene' in plural form, but I don't think it is used much, if at all.

'Nordlys' = northern light

'Nordlyset' = the northern light/s


My question was related to when you get "Turistene så nordlyset i Norge" and are told to translate to English, it currently only accepts "the northern lights" as correct translation for "nordlyset". If you enter "the northern light" you get an error. Thus my original question.


In English, we always say "The Northern Lights" when referring to Aurora Borealis. "The Northern Light" is therefore an incorrect translation of nordlyset.


And my son was their guide! ( Pukka tours In Tromso)


I have seen them:)

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