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Module Progression

Hi - It is really frustrating to successfully complete several modules a day only to wake up the next day and have to redo half of them. I've been doing Spanish Duolingo for a while and it seems like I cannot make faster progress because I have to keep redoing the modules. Is there a way that I can go through the modules without constantly repeating the ones I have already completed? I feel like stopping the program because of this.
Thanks - Lisa

3 years ago



I would advise that you do fewer modules each day, and spend some of the time you were spending on new lessons doing general strengthening. This should help keep your skills from decaying so quickly.

I know it really is frustrating, especially when a skill has dropped a strength bar the day after you learned it, because it's still fresh in your mind. I don't expect it helps much with the frustration to say, "That's because it takes repetition before things really stick in the mind. Going through them once isn't going to cut it." It's true, it just doesn't help.

But I do think that if you can just slow yourself down a little, earn the same amount of xp you've been earning but put more time into strengthening, you'll see results. And the advantage of general strengthening is that it's not just a single lesson's worth of things that need repeating. You may get past tense and present tense questions mixed in together, sentences using words that you haven't had in lessons for a while, and so forth. I think it will be a little less frustrating. Maybe not a lot, but at least a little.

And stick with it! I don't think any program or class that is going to really teach you the material will have much less repetition, so you may as well stick with this one, which gives you manageable sized lessons and has a lot of other users to help you along.

Buena suerte!

3 years ago


If it is too frustrating, do something else! I don't plan to spend the rest of my life here; I'm here because it's useful right now. It's a little bit interesting and fun enough. When it isn't any of those things anymore, I will do something else.

Then again, I might post all over the discussion boards about how the site should change to meet my needs better, because I'm just not getting my money's worth!

3 years ago