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"Han bor i kjelleren under huset."

Translation:He resides in the basement under the house.

July 29, 2015



Han spiller WoW hele natten.


The basement could be under a shed or appartment building. Adding the house bit gives more info + adds grammar to practice.


Is this a redundant sentence???


At least he's not living in the cupboard under the stairs?


I would say it is a very strange sentence, in both English and Norwegian.


It isn't all that uncommon for someone to never move out of their parents house and live in the basement, usually doing nothing with their life.


I thought this sentence was redundant as well. Unless basements in Norway are put in places other than under the house. The penthouse basement??


langjd, I hope that's not you in the basement, are you?:-D


Oh God, no. I live on the first floor and am militantly opposed to the very concept of MMOs.


Glad to hear:-D /an ex-wow player/


Why everyone thinks there's something strange about this sentence?


Because basements are always under the house - sort of. Saying "the basement" AND "under the house" seems unnecessary and conflicting. And actually, basements are just the bottommost portion of the house itself, so saying that it's "under" implies that it's separate in a way that it is not. Some might even say that a phrase like "under the house" would imply you've got a body buried there...because no one LIVES "under the house".

You could say something like: "we live on the main floor, and my brother lives under us in the basement." Or: "the basement is under the main floor."

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