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irish course recordings broken

there are many instances where sound should be playing (would play under the same exercise in another language for example) but dont in irish. doesnt help that one of the harder aspects of irish is learning to read

July 29, 2015



It's because they use a recorded voice rather than a TTS.


And they used a recorded voice of a non-non-native speaker at that!


Oh dear! I didn't know that. I already have some misgivings about the course b/c I feel like there aren't enough opportunities to work on pronunciation (no word list, missing audio, etc.). You're at a much higher level than I am, did you use a lot of outside sources to beef up the course here?


I knew Irish before the course was released, from university. I stopped doing this course last year; now I just help people. Personally, I'd recommend outside sources solely because the pronunciation here is so awful (though hopefully changing)


Thanks for your honest opinion. It's frustrating because at times I have worked very hard to replay the audio and work on the pronunciation here. Grrr.

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