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"Evimi oluştururken lütfen dikkatli ol."

Translation:Please be careful while creating my house.

July 29, 2015



I'm a big fan of the Turkish course but I have to say, I don't like this sentence. It more than doesn't make sense, it seems like a trap - I purposefully didn't write 'creating' because that would make no sense, so I thought this must be an idiomatic way of saying 'building'. Only to get it wrong and the word is 'creating'!

Also, it doesn't accept 'please be careful when creating my house'.


I agree; this is an objectively bad sentence for teaching language. There's no need to trap students unnecessarily. On top of that the correct translation is so unnatural in English that we cannot even understand what sense of 'create' this sentence is trying to convey.


In the lesson notes for the online version of this lesson, the difference between while and when is explained. In this sentence, it would be 'Evimi oluşturuyunca lütfen dikkatli ol.'


'Evimi oluşturuncaya kadar lütfen dukkatli ol' is grammerly correct. But in practical use i'd say 'evimi yaparken dikkatli ol'


I am an architect and therefore I understand this 'creating' very well. )


The English is poorly phrased. "Design" would be appropriate, if in fact the word is being used in that sense here.


would building be acceptable in this context


Not really...the verb "to create" and the verb "inşa etmek" are a little different :)


Does that phrase sound as unnatural in Turkish as it does in English, or is there still a better translation?


Not really....also if you are talking to an architect, this sounds prefect natural :)


I can't imagine using "creating" in that context. Designing, imagining, planning on one hand, or building, constructing, erecting on the other, but creating sounds incredibly out of place.


"dizayn ederken", "tasarlarken" etc would sound more natural in Turkish too. Sometimes it is difficult to form sentences, so we have to be creative :)

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As someone who regularly talks to an architect I can assure you that this sounds very strange to me in England! I would use 'designing' to an architect or occasionally 'laying out' once we have the rooms decided.


With respect this is the wrong use of create. Create means to make something out of nothing. You cam create a noise or an idea but buildings are made from tangible things so create is incorrect


Architects create houses all of the time on their blueprints. This is one where we will probably be changing it in the future :)


but then why the need to be careful? I think it would be best to change this as someone would automatically infer that the person is asking the builder to be careful with the physical structure and not the blue print and that would make the use of create wrong. There's no harm learning a new verb like "to build" anyway, everyone's a winner!


Aaah, but we cannot simply just change the sentence nor can we add new word to our already existent tree :) It will be one that is deleted when we create the new tree. We are stuck with it for now.


ah that's interesting to note. Oh well, no big deal in the scheme of things. :)


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The English sentence is strange. Generally, the verb "create" is not used with the object "house." One can design a house, plan a house, build a house, construct a house - all acceptable terminology. Create a house is awkward and not used (to my knowledge) in American or British English.


Turkish one is kind of weird as well. You would use 'inşa ederken' for 'building' and 'dizayn ederken' for 'designing' but 'oluştururken' doesn't fit.


Creating designing and construction are all different aspects.


They are constantly working on making the format more annoying and don't sort out tripe like this. Sometimes I think Duo is a big practical joke. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+monty+python+i+will+not+buy+this+record+it+is+scratched&view=detail&mid=B469A3AEEF4E385B3456B469A3AEEF4E385B3456&FORM=VIRE


I would use this phrase when I play Minecraft.


Because the sentence is giving a command to someone, which implies "you," I said "while you are creating". The answer was kicked back, but would it be okay? I am trying to apply the rule that the -ken verb takes its subject from context and often from the main verb.


"while you are creating" should definitely be accepted.


"Please be careful while you are creating my house." was marked wrong. April 17, 2017


It is accepted now.


why are "evimi olustururken" and another sentence "odev icin fikirler olustururken" both correct? i mean...why is "fikirler" not in accusative case and "evimi" is?!


The former is talking about something specific while the latter is about ideally in general (for homework).


why "oluştururken" and not "oluşturken"?


The verb is "oluşturmak" not "oluşmak". Therefore oluştur- -ur(Aorist) - ken (while)


I agree with many of the comments below. Create here sounds particularly bad. Designing, planning etc.would be so much better.


"Please be careful while designing my house" not accepted.

Reported again. The discussion suggests this is a bad sentence in both languages - but at least one reasonably straightforward translation ought to be accepted. And there have not been a lot of plausible suggestions. Apparently the main objection to this translation is that it makes more sense than the original, which I agree is a defect, but even so ...

Oddly enough, the form

Please be careful while forming my house.

is actually accepted! On the other hand

Please be careful while generating my house.

is not. No reason why it should be, apart from the fact that it isn't any worse.


Now that Duo has seen all these comments from native English-speakers, it might be worthwhile to add 'build', 'design' and other choices to 'create'.




"Evimi oluştururken lütfen dikkatli ol." Translation: Please be careful while creating my house.

Now that Duo has seen all these comments from native English-speakers, it might be worthwhile to add 'build', 'design' and other choices to 'create'.

Oluşturur - creates - (verb) + "-ken" suffix for "creating."

The "-ken" suffix in the Turkish question according to my understanding:

"While you are" - "while you are what?" - "while you are creating."

You have made a valid point & synonyms for "creating" may not be accepted by Duo.

As a skilled Carpenter I demonstrate creativity in my trade during construction of a clients project. Ultimately "creativity" is demonstrated by all the "team" members of a project & you have mentioned some of them. Duo's Turkish question places the emphasis on "care" during the creating. I am indeed a very careful & considerate worker. My standards are trade rated from formal training & professional qualifications with years of experience behind me.

Thank you


I would wager that no English speaker at any point in history or any point in the future, has ever or will ever, utter this phrase.


"Be careful while creating my house please" doesn't work?


''while creating my house be careful please'' what is wrong??


It is a bit wonky sounding. It might be ok in spoken English but it definitely isn't in written.


designing was marked as wrong and the "right" answer was given as "while FORMING my house". That decidedly isn't an English sentence.


True. I think this exercise should be replaced with designing.


You don't create a house in English. Now that that's out of the way, what is implied here? Designing or building?

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