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  5. "Vi försöker spara pengar."

"Vi försöker spara pengar."

Translation:We are trying to save money.

July 29, 2015



I don't know wht but I put: "We are trying to save the Monkeys" and I have no idea why


Why don't we use 'att' in this sentence. e.g att spara pengar


The verb "försöka" might function as a modal verb, in which case it doesn't take att. However, it works just as well with att too.


"försöker" sounds like "försök-" here, is that correct? Also, is "conserve" a faithful translation of spara? Vi måste spara skogen!


The voice is certainly messed up. I heard this as well and it is clearly wrong, and very confusing.


I find it interesting how spara is like the english spare, which is kind of the same meaning of save as in someone begging to "spare me!"


I also think it has the same descent and basic meaning. To spare means to arrange free anything, money or time. And for this we have to save some of it


What does spara pengar mean here? It is like 'we are trying to put money in a savings account regularly' or 'we are trying to save money by buying our pet food in bulk'?


Could be either.


It can mean both, but I would lean more towards the latter sense. If you said just Vi sparar pengar or Vi försöker spara I would lean towards the former. But it all depends on the context, so I guess it has the same ambiguity as the English translation.


Thanks a lot to the both of you!


What's the difference between 'pengarna' and 'pengar'? Both seem to translate to 'money'


Well for starters, 'pengarna' would be THE MONEY, not just money. But this one is a little different because it only has a plural form, sort of the opposite to English where we only have a singular form (there is no 'moneys'.)

The Swedes will have to correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think 'pengarna' has extremely little use, except perhaps if you were referring to different LOTS of money - for example, the money from the Danish investors, the money from the Chinese investors, and the bank's loan - they might collectively be referred to as 'pengarna'...?


I'm going to have to differ with you on pengarna. I use it quite frequently: Satte du in pengarna på kontot? = Did you put the money into the account? Stoppa pengarna i den här bruna påsen = Stick/put the money in this brown bag (ok, I don't really use that one that much)

There actually is a singular form of "pengar". It is is peng. It means a piece of money or coin, depending on the situation. It is more on the archaic side nowadays, though.


Yes, I agree with this.


I wrote "to spare" money just to guess if it's correct or not. How would be "spare" then? Like if i am trying to spare time.

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