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"Він не буде іти у школу завтра."

Translation:He will not go to school tomorrow.

July 29, 2015



What's the difference between іти and їхати?


Іти means to go by foot. Їхати means to go by a vehicle with wheels: їхати на велосипеді/машині/автобусі/...

Ukrainian language does not have such a wide word as "to go"... We always have to specify the "method". To justify the absence of "to go", we don't have "to come" either :D To reproduce the feeling of "come" we add a prefix "при-": прийти, приїхати, прибігти...


I see. It's the same in Polish: іти = iść, їхати = jechać, прийти = przyjść, приїхати = przyjechać, прибігти - przybyć (?). Each of them has in Polish its imperfect equivalent: chodzić/jeździć/przychodzić/przyjeżdżać/przybywać (?). Is it similar in Ukrainian? Thank you! Just a small correction - one says: to go on foot.


Yes, we have this perfect/imperfect property of the verb. It's simply called "вид" (type), and can be "доконаний/недоконаний" (fancy word for finished/unfinished).

Ходити - іти, їздити - їхати, приходити - прийти, приїжджати - приїхати, прибувати - прибути (corresponding to your przybyć and przybywać). The last one I wrote, бігати - бігти & прибігати - прибігти, is "to run".

Oh, "by foot" is not really wrong but indeed less common and sounds a bit strange, to me as well, didn't notice I wrote it ^^ Thanks!


''He is not going to school tomorrow", цей варіант повинно приймати! Так як вже вирішено, що він не піде, використовюється Present Continious..Це просто може реально збити з пантелику


"He is not going to school tomorrow" = "Він не йде в школу завтра"

"He will not go to school tomorrow" = "Він не буде йти в школу завтра" (or "не йтиме")

In Ukrainian the usage is similar to English. The first one is more like a plan and some event agreed upon, while the second one is a strong more definite statement about the future. Nothing is confusing.

P.S. "Повинно приймати"? О_о Звідки ви, якщо не секрет?


What about "He will not be going to school tomorrow". Could that be a correct answer here?


I think it should be accepted (native speaker)

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