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"Se mi havus tempon, mi babilus kun vi per tujmesaĝilo."

Translation:If I had time, I would chat with you by instant messenger.

July 29, 2015



My problem with all of the sentences involving "tujmesaĝiloj" is that I don't use phrases like "by instant messenger" in English...

"If I had time, I would IM you" or "If I had time, I would message you" is basically the only way I would ever express this sentiment.


"mi tujmesaĝus vin"


Whats the difference between... "If I had time...". And " If I have time...". How would you say the latter in esperanto?


Whitney, If I have time = Se mi havos tempon,


"Se mi havas tempon..."


Why is it 'havus' and not 'havis' in this sentence?


It's the conditional, not the past tense (considering this comment was four months ago I'm not sure that this will be of use to you).


Its of use to me!


LL, Se mi havus tempon, = If I were to have time,


Kion estas la malsimilo inter la du vortoj havis kaj havus?


Amikigisto, havis = past (tense) // havus is "imaginary" --- not past, present, nor future (tense) (ex.) ... Se mi havus multe da mono, mi estus feliĉa ( ! )


I hate conditional sentences in English! Sometimes I think, oh, that is the right way to do that and bam, mistake


Littoralis, My trick is to use the English word were (at least when translating). ... (ex. If I were; If you were; If they were)


Does this mean, i did not have time, thats why i didnt IM you, or, if i get some spare time in the future, i will chat? I am not clear on whether it is an excuse or a commitment.


mark, I agree with "If I get some spare time in the future" = If I were to have time, I would ... *(no excuse, no commitment --- just "imaginary")


I put "If I had time, I would have chatted with you by instant messenger." and was marked wrong -- it suggested the right answer to be "If I had time, I would chat with you by instant messenger." I reported it as "my answer should be accepted." but I'm wondering if there's a subtle difference that I have missed. What (if anything) is actually wrong about my answer? Thanks in advance!


I had this as a "Type what you hear" exercise. I expect I should have been able to guess that the fourth word was tempon, but, however many times I listened, I heard telvon, even after I'd seen what the correct answer was. I have reported this as "The audio does not sound correct".

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