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  5. "It is still not too late."

"It is still not too late."

Translation:Det er ennå ikke for sent.

July 29, 2015



Is there a difference between ennå and fortsatt in usage?


I've got the same doubt


Can someone help me with regard to the placement of "ennå" please? It´s confusing to me because sometimes it´s right after the verb, and sometimes it´s at the end of the sentence.


The note say the contrary of this example


One exception is that adverbs of time often appear at the end of the sentence or clause.


"Ennå" can go either after verb or at end of sentence.


Adverbs confuse me! But I do still think (pending correction!) that both "ennå" and "enda" can occur either in the middle or at the end of a sentence.

For instance, in Karense's video that you link to, she has the following examples:

  • In middle: "Jeg har ennå ikke hørt noe etter intervjuet."
  • At end: "I 2000, brukte ikke så mange folk internett enda."

For some general examples from the internet...

The UiB Ordbok has "ennå" occurring midfield in all its examples:

det er ennå billetter igjen / det var ennå ikke for sent / vi har ennå ikke hørt noe / ordningen er ennå ikke godkjent / jeg har ennå til gode å se henne sint / hun lever ennå

In contrast, "Din ordbok" seems to list only sentences with "ennå" at the end!



Still, late, yet. Big mix in my brain.


The system states the correct ending is "ei for sent" instead of "ikke for sent". Is there something i missed?


Marked wrong for using 'forsent' as opposed to 'for sent' - was my instinct to glue ALL the words together really wrong this time?


The correct way is to write 'For sent'. 'Forsent' is a common misspelling.


Er "ikke ennå" en feil?


enna means both yet and still?



ennå adv. (norrøntennú, av enn og nå)

1 fremdeles på det tidspunktet, enda det er ennå billetter igjen / det var ennå ikke for sent / vi har ennå ikke hørt noe / ordningen er ennå ikke godkjent / jeg har ennå til gode å se henne sint / hun lever ennå

2 allerede, ikke senere enn ennå for tre uker siden


is there a specific order of adverbs like there is for adjectives in English? I swapped ikke and enna and would like to know if there is a rule I can learn to help with the word order


A native speaker tells me that it's always "ennå ikke". I don't know the general rule.

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