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  5. "Doktor aile ile çay içer."

"Doktor aile ile çay içer."

Translation:The doctor drinks tea with the family.

July 29, 2015



But " the doctor drinks tea with family " works in English language


I agree - the same way "They are staying with family" works.

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Why is this 'aile ile' and not 'ailele'?


It can be AİLEYLE but ailele is incorrect,


I wrote aileyle and got this one wrong. It's hard to hear the difference for me when the audio is played normally, but if it were to be played slowly, I could tell that it said aile ile. They both mean the same thing, it's just that aile ile was said in this audio and not aileyle.


The doctor and the family drink tea, isn't correct?


Nope. You would see a different word order in that case: "Aile ile doktor..." or "Doktor ve aile..." :)


Isn't "The doctor drinks tea with family" also correct?


No, there needs to be a word to describe the family (here THE family). Other sentences could be "The doctor drinks tea with A family." Or "The doctor drinks tea with HIS family." But there needs to be a word between 'with' and 'family.'


Why is not "aileyi ile/aileyle" or "ailesi ile/ailesiyle" here then? Why is just "aile ile"? Or in turkish it is clear itself and there no needs any deteminer? Or it is so 'coz "ile"?


Because "ailesi ile" would mean "with his family", specifically.

"Aile ile" means "with the family" i.e. some family, not necessarily his own.

"Aileyi ile" is incorrect and doesn't mean anything. The word "aileyi" is in the accusative case so if you have the family as the object of a sentence, that's fine.

E.g. Köpek aileyi koruyor - The dog is protecting the family

Now some languages do have something called a "comitative" case, where a noun is treated as being "with" another, but English does not and neither does Turkish. Instead both nouns are expressed in the nominative case, as subjects, and joined with "with" - "ile".

Note that "aileyle" - "with the family" or "ailesiyle" are not a different verb case, they are simply less formal contractions of "aile ile" and "ailesiyle", because they mirror how the words sound when spoken (quickly).


Sorry, in the last paragraph I meant to say "ailesiyle" is a contraction of "ailesi ile", but I hope my meaning was clear anyway.


Actually in english 'family' is perfectly fine being used without a descriptive. "I am going to stay with family" is a perfectly grammatically correct sentence. It assumes that the family is yours though


İm having problems with word order, i know the translation of the words but can't get them in the right order when i translate then to English. Can anyone help

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