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Irish recordings mismatched

From "Directions" on, the recordings are so mismatched that it's practically impossible to make any progress in the language. Loved the course up to this point, but it's frustrating not to know whether you should translate what you hear or what you see.

July 29, 2015



They stopped fixing them because they decided to hire a new voice, given the fact that the current one is not a native speaker, and often mispronounces the word . Hopefully they'll be replaced with a newer, better speaker soon


Thanks! I kept forgetting that this is still a work in progress.


Why would they hire a non-native speaker to create a language course? I know many foreigners can master other languages nearly at a native point, but the Irish course has experienced many broad "R"s when they should have been slender ones. I'll definitely put a lot of efforts in Irish as soon as the new voice comes out! :)


Because a lot of Irish people believe they're native speakers because they'really native to Ireland. Not by linguistic definitions.

But, yes. This audio is horrible. I haven't heard a single flap on <r>. And slender <l> and <n> either.


I'm experiencing it much earlier on than Directions.


Yes, you're absolutely right! But from Directions on the program is almost unusable because of this problem. And galxyrocker makes a good point about the pronunciation. I'm a complete beginner and had no idea that the broad and slender consonants were supposed to consistently sound different from each other. I got the idea it was just a spelling convention of some kind.

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