"Um ciclo seco e limpo"

Translation:One dry and clean cycle

October 18, 2013

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This was difficult for me to hear and comprehend..


But how could a cycle be dry and clean??? What is this cycle? Bicycle? A dry bicycle? Or monthly cycle? :-)


It's a cycle of the washing machine. It just means it will include a drying phase after the cleaning one :)


I'm thinking that this is a regional phrase. I've never heard this before and I'm a native English speaker.


Would this be like a wash-and-dry cycle on a washing machine? If it is, why would you put seco first?


I guessed it had something to do with dry cleaning clothes so I said "A dry clean cycle", which was accepted. The truth is I don't know what they are talking about. If they are talking about a laundry process, you would clean before you dry and not the other way around. I guessed "dry clean" because "dry and clean" doesn't make sense. Dry cleaning is called dry because the liquids used in the process do not contain water but they are liquid.


meaningless sentence .. .remind me the next time I'd say that to another human being

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Why is "A dry cycle and clean" wrong, please ? This is how I would usually ask for the same thing in English in Australia.


"Seco" and "limpo" qualify the subject "ciclo". I suppose that your way of saying it is grammatically incorrect, because " clean" here is not directly linked to "cycle" (and here could even be used as a verb).

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This does not really make sense in English. Cleaning and drying would be accomplished in separate laundry cycles. In other words, a single operation of a laundry washing/drying machine would include a wash cycle, a rinse cycle, a spin cycle, and a dry cycle.


I believe the purpose is solely for learning :)

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Learn to do what, write English phrases that make no sense?


I'm inclined to agree with DREDWARD. The sentence makes no sense to me either, but if you can translate a sentence that makes no sense, it does mean you understand what the words mean and are not simply guessing based on context.


I thought WE were learning Brazilian português, translations are not always direct.......

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The English translation makes no sense. How does that help US learn Portuguese?


i am not a native inglish speaker, i dont undestand....why "Um ciclo seco e limpo" is "One dry and clean cycle"

i write..... a dry cycle is clean, but is wrong


e=and, é = is

If the sentence were "Um ciclo seco é limpo" I think your answer would have been correct.

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I think it is a setting on a washing machine, but it makes little sense to the rest of us.


Couldn't agree with you more. No idea what it was all about.


The modern washing machines in the USA have several cycles to choose from, and a cycle of dry and clean would be saying it backwards. It is a wash and dry cycle!


I wrote, "A dry, clean cycle" and got it wrong. It's correct!


You did not put "and" in. When you think of the texts we are translating, maybe your imagination would be able to think in terms of "dry and clean cycles"


The audio for the word "ciclo" doesn't seem right, the sentence as it is sounds like: "um seco seco e limpo" (no "L" and the "i" is not right either).

It should be: /ˈsi.klo/


Does the one cycle both dry and clean?

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