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  5. "Do we have enough milk?"

"Do we have enough milk?"

Translation:Har vi nok melk?

July 29, 2015



Why was 'har vi nok mjølk' marked wrong here, is there a difference I'm missing between mjølk and melk?


I've added it, just now.


Thanks :) I've had it accepted in sentences up until now but didn't want to assume.


'mjølk' is a rather uncommon variant used mostly in Western Norway.


'Har vi nok melk?' -do we have ENOUGH milk? Since 'nok' can mean both 'probably' and 'enough', how do I know if it wasn't meant like... 'do we PROBABLY have milk? How do you differentiate the meaning in similar cases? Thx


"Nok" would not be used to mean "probably" in questions, so that rules it out here.

For "Vi har nok melk." as a statement, we rely on context and intonation. If neither of those were present, I'd assume it meant "enough" - but "probably" would also be a possible translation.

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