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  5. "Leter du etter noen?"

"Leter du etter noen?"

Translation:Are you looking for someone?

July 29, 2015



Could it also be translated as "Are you looking after someone?"? I thought "etter" meant "after" and in this case it is also a normal English sentence (looking after as in taking care of someone)


No that doesn't work.

To say 'are you taking care of someone?' like that, you need to say: 'tar du vare på noen?'.

You are correct that 'etter' means 'after', but 'leter' means to look for something or someone.


So these are supposed to be considered as phrases : leter etter noe = looking for something


Ok, thanks for explaining! :)


Why 'Are you looking for something?' is not accepted?


The examples in my dictionary suggest noe = something while noen = someone. Two of these examples may help you to remember the difference: ikke noe = not any(thing); ikke noen = not any(one).
This isn't the full story with noe and noen as there does seem to be a little variation in use that challenges the above, but this is a good place to start.


if etter is for or after then how can you tell if it is not looking after someone as the previous comment points out.


What about "Sok etter" ? isn't the same meaning ?

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