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Blogs in Swedish?

Does anyone know any interesting Swedish blogs? I'm not yet that fluent to be able to actually read but some catching articles can be a good motivation to learn faster

July 29, 2015



When I want to find blogs in a specific language, I take the word for a topic I'm interested in, in the target language, and search for it on Pinterest.


I've had trouble finding active ones. There are plenty around that seem to be popular four or five years ago and not much since. However, here are two of note which are both active and unique:

http://kulturbloggen.com/ for anything vaguely cultural, both Swedish and international. It focuses on books, movies and theatre; so you may find new things to absorb via different mediums as well.

https://juliaskott.wordpress.com/ is a personal blog of a journalist which is interesting in its own right. She is also involved in many other blogging projects: some active, some now abandoned. Take a look at her links - there are plenty of other blogs listed. Maybe you'll find something that piques your interest there.


bokparlan.blogspot.com is a blog about books and novel reviews but I think it's a little advanced


Wow, I didn't think of Pinterest.Thanks for advice! It's mostly images, right? or are there posts too?


The images will usually link to posts.

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