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Hands up: How many people want Duolingo to add Latin?

Amamus linguam latinam!

May 22, 2012



While I have to admit that would be cool, I would definitely prefer Japanese. ;D


Latin? I'm interested in all languages, but realistically, I think that Latin should be towards the very bottom of Duolingo's long priority list. Nobody actually uses it to communicate anymore, after all.


But it is very useful if you want to learn other romance languages or even in English vocabulary.


True, there hasn't been much written in Latin for a few hundred years, but there is a mountain of Latin literature available online that could stand to be translated. And we wouldn't have to suffer through sentences on fashion and motorsports... ;)


I did some latin in school and enjoyed it but if the main purpose of duolingo is to translate the web I don't think there is much written in latin.


Sanskrit in the house? Can I get an amen?


Careful. Don't be using my name in vain - or is that vane?


Hands down.


I would love to see a translation text format learning program for latin on Duolingo, however, the whole point is to translate all text on the internet. thus making information accessible to everyone. at present they are addressing only the languages with a considerable amount of content online. but, until then, anyone looking to learn latin, there are lots of good resources both online and in libraries for learning it. if you're having trouble finding some, leave a message on my wall/feed thing(whatever it's called) and i'll drop some links to pages I'm aware of that I hope helps out anyone who is curious and if anyone else knows of any others let me know, I like seeing what other people have used and gaining a new perspective on learning languages. thanks! hope everyone is having as much as I am!


No, I don't suppose there's much money to be made in the Latin business. Duolingo would have to do it out of the goodness of their hearts! A girl can dream, can't she?


@rstaake Absolutely! And after that, Church Slavonic, Coptic, Koine Greek, Syriac and Akkadian! :D


C'mon guys, let's make up our own language! One that embraces the best bits of all other languages so it can be quickly picked up by anyone. Suggest no noun declensions and let's have some logical conjugations. And not too many words either. Yes, I am sure there are a few attempts at this out there but if we put our collective brains together we could form "Worldlish" or "Onelish" !! Oh dear, I really need something to fill in my time.....


@vkd1 Absolutely! No genders and all regular verbs too. And most importantly, one sound for every letter and every word spelled the way it sounds. Also, none of this familiar you and polite you nonsense. We'll just all try to be polite all the time. :)


@ClassicBookworm Yeeeessss!!! AMEN to all those. I shall make a start on it :-)


I've always wanted to learn Latin as they didn't teach it at my school, so I'd love it to be available on Duolingo. I don't hold out too much hope for it though!


That would be great! I would love to see Dutch here too


We did Latin at school for a while and I loved it so yes! My favourite would be Russian, we did some of that at school too and I would definitely like to get into it again.


as much fun* as I am! hahahaha


Duolingo does attract language lovers out there and I think having even a basic Latin learning stream will help even if they decide to omit the translation part. We already have two romance languages and I'm guessing Italian or Portuguese is in the pipeline. All of these languages, even German (think declinations) can be easier understood and picked up with a background in Latin. But I honestly think we have to be realistic here, Duolingo is a small startup with limited funds. It took them awhile even to bring French and I can't really see them devoting any money to Latin. You'll be better off trying to pick it up on your own, outside of Duolingo - which yes I understand defeats the whole purpose.


Not to mention Nahuatl. :)


@LaGeule I do have a Wheelock's Latin but lost steam around chapter 6. I'll have to give it another try after I've gotten further with Duolingo.


yes please to Latin. I'm trying to teach my kids this and wouldn't it be so much easier if Duolingo had this


I would love to see Latin in duolingo.

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