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  5. "Where is Parliament?"

"Where is Parliament?"

Translation:Meclis nerede?

July 29, 2015



"Where is THE Parliament?" sounds better. "Where is Parliament?" sounds wrong to me.


Both are completely fine and are accepted. (similar to "Where is Congress")


Native English speakers really need to learn proper English ;) The sad thing is, I am only half kidding: I am almost convinced that omitting "the" here is the result of a development of the language towards forms that were once upon a time simply incorrect... :/


"Where is Congress" is fine with me, because it mainly refers to the group of people. But Parliament brings the building to my mind. I may be wrong, but it sounds weird to me. Where is President anyway?


In Britain, Parliament is called Parliament, not THE Parliament.


Parlamento is not the word used in previous exercises so why isn't the word "meclis"?

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