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  5. "Mi povus provi."

"Mi povus provi."

Translation:I could try.

July 30, 2015



Faru, aŭ ne faru. Ne estas provi.


I'm having a hard time knowing whether it needs to be could, should, or would. It is certainly not always clear from context :(.


I am as well... Does anyone have tips for knowing which? Or is it supposed to always be contextual?


Pruvu provi, ke vi pravas.


Ŝi ĉiam ruĝiĝas ĉe ĉio, ĉar la apartamento parte apartenas aparta portaparato. http://www.uebersetzung.at/twister/eo.htm


link is broken, do you know why ? kindly


This is the first sentence I ever said to someone in Esperanto.


Why not Mi provus? Why is provi a in the infinitive this appears to contradict the tips where both verbs should be conditional?


it is different. you use -us for both verbs when the sentence is like "if I was to ... I would" where the "was" and "would" both have -us.

I guess it's only when there is an "if"


"Can" or "could" is a helping verb and the following verb that it is helping is in infinitive form in Esperanto and in "bare infinitive form" without the "to" in English. "I could try.", not "I could and I try" which would each then be in conditional form.


I think the reason for not confusing us with a sentence like Mi provus is that this course uses English as learning language. You would have to invenh a new verb form to translate that into a corresponding sentence in English...or just translate it into I could try and then we ard back wherd we started. As I started learning German 25 years ago it was fascinating to discover that German has loads of verbs which has their own conditional forms often marked by a horizontal colon sign on top of a vowel changing the sound of it into a 'difftong'. It seems to me as Esperanto has no limits here. It is just English which is the odd one here. (ref to German 'Konjunktiv II' in e.g brauchen vs bräuchten which means need vs would need [nëed would be cool] and it sure is convenient).

just mina du cents...

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