"The cat eats bread."

Translation:O gato come pão.

December 31, 2012



"O gato" - the male cat, and "O gata" - the female cat. In the english sentence doesn't say which sex is the cat. So I don't understand why "O gato come pão" is not correct?? :/

May 22, 2013


You have to choose both o gato (masculine) AND a gata (feminine) come pão.

Mark all correct answers.

(I got it wrong too, oops!)

This discussion connects to two exercises. O gato is masculine and a gata is feminine. You need to match the article to the noun so "o gata" and "a gato" are incorrect.

July 1, 2013


Unless it say otherwise you alway pick masculine. its kinda like french

August 24, 2018


i typed o gato and it was correct

January 26, 2014


I typed " O gato" too and it was correct.

August 4, 2014


Gata is a female cat, therefore it's suppose to be "A gata come um pão" But it says "o gata". "O" is used for a male.

Thats why O gata can't be the correct answer

October 10, 2018


O gato = male, a gata= female

February 17, 2019


Exactly what I thought too!

June 1, 2019


you've got to mark both correct answers: O gato AND a gata, otherwise the question will be marked incorrect

June 7, 2013


o gato come menino

December 11, 2013


I dont think bread is good for cats...

September 10, 2014


i believe the cat can be either feminine or masculine

July 8, 2014


Yes, the cat can be either feminine or masculine, but you have to make sure you have the right article with it... like " o gato" and " a gata"....

August 4, 2014


I chose both gato and gata and ...still not correct

February 2, 2014


O gata doesn't match

February 25, 2014


I chose both and it was still incorrect! :(

February 4, 2014


"O gato" is the only one you can choose in this example. Other two are incorrect, cause the subjects don't match with the article.

April 30, 2014


Why is it 'come' not 'como'?

January 7, 2019


I've seen both gato & gata used for cat in the lessons. Is there any other distinction between the two besides the gender difference?

June 1, 2019


For everybody asking why it says that "El gato" is wrong or "La gata it's because even though in english you do not say the sex of the cat in portuguese you do just like in spanish so you had to put both of them

August 24, 2013


But use the Portuguese articles, not the Spanish ones! This trips me up too, usually when the word happens to be spelt the same in Spanish (as it is here).

July 26, 2014


I think we can agree that it is a trick question since it's the first time that 2 correct answers are given. It's good in order to stay sharp, and put emphasis on the importance of, and the way in which the sexes are expressed in portugeuse.

September 22, 2013


There's going to be a lot more questions like that!

July 26, 2014


Gramatically correct, but cat do not eat bread.

January 19, 2013


Actually, they do :)

January 30, 2013


My cat does...

March 22, 2013


Well, lots of there sentences don't match up.... like spiders don't eat pineapple. But the point is to help you learn the language. We already know that cats don't eat bread.

August 4, 2014


it seems kind of silly that we have to select BOTH "a gata" and "o gato" to get credit...

June 12, 2013


It's not silly. If the question asks you to mark ALL correct answers, then you mark ALL correct answers. The exercise is designed to prove your grasp of the two different genders, and will hopefully minimise people rushing through the questions without absorbing the information being taught.

September 24, 2013
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