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Incorrectly answered "weakest words" should not be refreshed

When practicing weakest words, the word strength gets refreshed even if you answer questions with that target (blue) word in it INCORRECTLY.

This creates bad incentives and is not ideal for vocabulary retention.

For instance, I hadn't seen the spanish preposition "segun" for a while and it came up when practicing vocabulary. I got every question in my timed practice (1) with segun in it WRONG, but its word strength was nevertheless refreshed, so I likely won't see it again for a while, and therefore am probably not going to remember what it means.

It would be nice if the software remembered when words were last CORRECTLY TRANSLATED rather than last SEEN, as the former seems way more relevant to vocab retention.

Anyways, thanks to the DL staff, I'm really really enjoying the site.

4 years ago

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The fact is that this word is refreshed. Even if you made a mistake on "segĂșn", you still saw this word and its correct translation. However, it is also obvious that your knowledge of this word is far from perfect, so it will decay again sooner than the words you got correctly. At least such is the idea.

4 years ago