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"Laborejo estas ejo por labori."

Translation:A workplace is a place to work.

July 30, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I second that. ;) workstead

    [deactivated user]

      A workplace is a work place.


      I'm struggling to get the logic of "por labori" — [For] [to work]? if it's a place to work, why not just "ejo labori" or "ejo por laboras"?


      because "to" can't be translated in this context into a preposition. This "to" is just a mark of infinitive. If you want to express a purpose, you need "por", which means either "for" or "to"


      What's the difference between LOKO × EJO


      Loko is a specific location, while ejo is a non-specific place. Loko is for the place in the world you live, but a home is a place (ejo) where you come to eat and rest.


      I was tempted to see if "a workplace is a place to nap" would work :P


      It accepts "office" as a "laborejo", but not a "factory".


      I presume it's because an office is defined as [place where people work] , whereas a factory has many additional functions.

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