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"Den tospråklige kvinnen snakker engelsk og norsk."

Translation:The bilingual woman speaks English and Norwegian.

July 30, 2015



When I listen to the slower pronunciation, I do not hear the den. Is that do to a problem or is it just how it is pronounced in context?


It is due to a problem.


I feel very frustrated that it's always gigantic words like tospraklige that i am expected to type for the first time during the listening segments... is it possible to make it so that i get to type it at least once while looking at it before i'm supposed to do it by ear?


It seems in this course that "the girl" is nearly always declined as feminine: "jenta". But "the woman" is declined as masculine: "kvinnen". Is that what most people actually do? Thanks.


Yes, that's actually what most people do. We Norwegians are not big on consistency!

Google hits:

"den vakre jenten" = 237
"den vakre jenta " = 7,530

"den vakre kvinnen" = 9,030
"den vakre kvinna" = 140


Takk for svaret ditt.


Is there a word that would describe a person who speaks tree or more languages?


Why yes! Yes I do!

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