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"Beraber sınava çalışmayı kabul ettiğini söyledi."

Translation:He said that he accepted studying for the exam together.

July 30, 2015



"He accepted studying for the exam" - what is this supposed to mean?


"Shall we study for the exam together? What do you think?" - "Yes, OK, I accept your offer of studying together. Let's study together."


Native English speakers do not say that. A person may accept an offer "for," not "of," but inviting someone to study is not considered an offer in English. It's a suggestion, and we would would simply agree to it, e.g., "sure, let's study together."


It could also be the response of a teacher to a request for working together as a group.


please help me in deconstructing this ettiğini ettik+i+i Why are the two (i) ? this is always confusing for me


The first "i" is possessive (his doing = that he does), the second is accusative (as the object of "söyledi").


Another possible translation: "He said he accepted studying together for the exam".


Sure! In the future, can you use the report button for missing translations please so we can find them that way?


I am once again confused. In the last sentence here I translated "It is not necessary to own a plane for travelling" and was corrected in ".... to own a plane to travel". Now I translated "He said that he accepted to study for the exam together" and was corrected in "...studying for the exam together". Pls can anybody explain me the reason. I don't get that.


That translation does not make much sense to me.

I understand it to mean he agreed to study for the test together, or more idiomatically to study for the test "with me" or "with us".

The English makes some sense if it is a teacher giving permission but I don't think that's what the sentence says. In that case accepted would be "allowed."


Tap what you hear: It is bad design to grey out your word bank answer after being submitted, thus making it hard to compare with a given translation or correct answer.

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