"Eles sabem nadar."

Translation:They know how to swim.

October 19, 2013

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How would you say "They know to swim". Would it be the same? I mean they technically have the same messing but I got it wrong for saying that so I just wonder what it would be.


"They Know to swim" wouldn't make sound right to a native English speaker. In the sense of I have have the knowledge and skill of swimming. "They know how to swim" would be correct.

I don't know if you remember Bo Jackson and "Bo Knows..." We could say "They know swimming" But Swimming would be understood as a noun... Bo Knows Baseball.

"They know to swim." like The baby turtle, after hatching know to walk to the ocean. In that sense, I would use a verb like "need". eles sabem que precisam nadar.

That's a good question


Is 'como' just implied here (ex: sabe como nadar) or is this a bad Portuguese sentence.


it is also understandable, but "to know how to" in Portuguese in translated just as "saber".


I'm also wondering how we'd write "they know to swim", as in they are aware that they should use the ability they have at some specific time.


The same way, or "Eles sabem que têm que nadar"/"Eles sabem que precisam nadar"


it doesn't accept "I know swimming" , why not?


I know (of) samba dancing, but I don't know how to samba dance.


Why "They can to swim" is wrong?? I never heard IRL "They know how to swim"


It should be "They can swim".

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