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  5. "Довідкa не працює зараз."

"Довідкa не працює зараз."

Translation:The information booth is not open now.

July 30, 2015



(Please don't down vote legitimate questions, people! Just because the answer is no doesn't mean it's a bad question and deserves a thumbs down!)


"not open" = "closed"

"The information booth is closed now," should be accepted!


May I say "... don't work now" ?


В третьем лице единственного числа должно быть "does not work". Но, не смотря на то, что я так и написала, это признано ошибкой, почему-то надо переводить "не работает", как "не открыто". В следующий раз попробую написать "The information booth is not working now". Может, всё дело в том, что надо было использовать не Simple, а Progressive? Ведь речь идёт о текущем моменте -"now".


Нет, ничего не получилось! Написала "the information booth is not working now", не принимает. Интересно, это касается также касс, продающих билеты или только справочного бюро?


@Михайло I can't reply to your comment for some reason so will answer you here: No, you can't use don't here. Don't would indicate a plural subject and the subject here is singular.


Is it possible to edit/include the words "info booth" or "info desk" for all of these answers where "information booth" and "information desk" is accepted. It is quite common to say "info" and it would be nice to speed things up for the English-speakers to get through the many exercises that use the words "information booth/desk". On some it's accepted, but not all.


The information booth does not work now у чому помилка, що не так


@Лидия, An information booth cannot work; people work. Booths are open or closed.


Пожалуйста, напишите, это касается и касс, продающих билеты, и магазинов? Они тоже открыты и закрыты? Магазин не может работають? Или это справедливо только справочного бюро?


Магазины на английском открыты/закрыты, так как человек работает. Но человек который работает на кассе, cashier, store clerk, и т.д., может быть открыт. The cashier is open. Если сказать что он работает, "the cashier is working," то это значит что он просто "на работе," а не "касса открыта."


Всегда пожалуйста!


I'm not sure I agree with this. It seems perfectly natural to me to say in English that a store or a ticket booth or whatever is or isn't working at a certain time (and not just referring to the employees working in there).


I can't speak for other forms of English, but in American English, that would sound extremely weird. One caveat might be if the booth is automated.


For whatever reason it appears this sentence uses the Latin "a" instead of the Cyrillic "а" in the word "довідка". I believe this is repeated elsewhere as well.


I said that the information booth is closed, and it was not accepted. Haha! I've flagged it as a correct answer.


"The information booth is closed now" - not accepted? If a business or information place "is not open", it "is closed".


That should be accepted; although, that would translate as, "довідка закрита зараз." Report it.


would відчинено work instead of працює. If not, in what since is відчинено used. I am also guessing I have the case wrong, but that isn't the focus of my question.


Чому довідка це не information table? Why can't I say "information table"?


You could always suggest it, but I'm guessing its too narrow of a translation to fit the idea of the information area, I usually us "information booth" or "information office" to me an informaton table doesn't have the permanence or largeness of office or booth.


Довідка (укр.) = справка (рус.) = information table (or booth)

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