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  5. "Meu lar é confortável."

"Meu lar é confortável."

Translation:My home is comfortable.

July 30, 2015



I believe that an essential difference between meu lar ( my home) and minha casa ( when used to mean my home) is that lar is not necessarily a residence or structure.

Lar é onde o coração está.

Home is where the heart is.

Eu quero fazer um novo lar no Brasil

I want to make a new home in Brazil.


♫ No meu coração fiz um lar; meu coração é o teu lar... ♪



Que voz interessante. Eu gostaria de ouvir mais músicas dela. Obrigado Paulenrique. ♡


My place is comfortable - ?


I feel that 'house' is too similar to be worth rejecting here, but it was - should I report it or is there actually a distinction between the two in Portuguese?


"Lar" means home - the idea is similar to the English word (associated with family, and hopefully coziness, safety and comfort). Translating it as "house" here would lose the association between the two words, even if "meu lar" (and "my home") essentially mean the same "minha casa" (my house).


Okay, thank you!

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