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"Man würde ihn einfach vergessen."

Translation:One would simply forget him.

October 19, 2013



What about "One would just forget him"?


I've noticed this construction is typically accepted in the passive voice i.e. "he would be easily forgotten" rather than the literal "one would easily forget him."

Is this switch to passive voice (1) correct in DL, and (2) a consistent rule?


I haven't checked whether it is currently accepted, but if it is not you should report it. As a general rule: if there is a natural way of keeping the voice of the original sentence, that solution is usually preferred. If it is more natural to switch the voice, you should do it (and report it, if it is not accepted).

In this specific case, I'd say "he would be easily forgotten" is slightly more natural than "one would easily forget him", so both should be accepted.


That is a good explanation! Thank you!


One translation of "ihn" offered was "it" so I tried "One would simply forget it" and was marked wrong.


I agree that your answer works, too.


Still not accepted (12 december 2019). I wrote a bit differently though (changed simply to just)

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How would the sentence change if we wanted to say "one would forget him simply"? (as in stress "it's not hard" rather than saying "just forget")


Can that here be translated as "..easily forget about him"?

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