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"La prelego estas sur la disko."

Translation:The lecture is on the disc.

July 30, 2015



This sentence is all kinds of strange. As much as I understand it, "Sur" is for showing location: "on" or "upon." Is this saying that the lecture will occur with the speaker literally standing on a disk? I had the impression that if we wanted to say what the lecture was about, we should use "pri" or even "rilatas al," etc. Any thoughts?


The lecture is recorded on the disk.


I understand that for optical discs, the data is etched on the surface, going all the way back to vinyls. Nevertheless, i feel that storage should always use "en" just for consistency with other forms of data storage. Changing the preposition based on physical mechanism makes it difficult and confusing for learners.


That was not obvious from the context, so thanks for pointing that out.

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